It's not oober or uber, it's über, from German.
OmnipptentSeal needs an über-dictionary.
by Frungi July 9, 2005
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This is my way of spelling "uber". It means the same thing as "uber" but its better because its my way of spelling it and no matter what everyone says thats the way to spell it
Dude! That was oober cool.
by oober cool guy August 13, 2010
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dude 1: Bree is hell bent on saying Uber is spelled OOBER.
dude2: i kno. shell eventually learn
by enrique123 May 27, 2008
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mad (thts MAD cool)
crazy (thts CRAZY awesome)
mmmmmmmmm... this food is oober yummy.
by leroy jenkinz November 8, 2007
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totally _________.
He is so oober hawt. OMG! (:
by Oober Prehistoric. December 29, 2009
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