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In persistently poor health, infirm, sick all of the time.

By extension, looking sick or unhealthy.
It didn't matter if a prince or princess was ugly or sickly or the village idiot; as long as they were of royal blood, uncontaminated with that of commoners, that was all that mattered.

Carlos II of Spain is a case point for that problem; in delicate health, retarded, impotent, and terribly ugly, Carlos was the end result of generations of inbreeding among the Spanish Habsburgs.

She was a sickly little girl; her nose was always running and she coughed a lot.
by Lorelili December 30, 2010
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1. When someone looks way too thin to be healthy
2. Someone who is normally good looking but looks peculiarly bad either because they are ill or from lack of trying to look presentable
1. eewww look how skinny that girl is... she looks sickly
2. how do you feel? you're looking a little sickly today
3. you better put some makeup on or you'll look sickly
by Nina D May 13, 2007
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so sick that not even the word sick can describe something so sick
That was the sickliest wave ever.

Damn, that blowjob was sickly.
by bilbo froggy January 28, 2003
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