the expression used when someone expresses something you agree with wholeheartedly.
person 1: funnel cake is the best thing ever.
person 2: mah nigga.
by fsdjkgfafdlf November 16, 2011
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That 1 Black Guy That You Can Alwast Depend On
EX-Before You Get Raped

Mah nigga Shows Up and Saves You
by Mujtaba January 7, 2015
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Often used by Rude boys before the grizzly execution of someone, often with a very large gun, the victim often being of african origin
by Shaughan April 12, 2005
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Something someone said that deserves a definition of it's own. Truly a masterpiece of the english language.

Originally found in the definition of fo' shizzle my nizzle.
Fo' shizzle m- I mean, for sure mah nigga.
by Stupid Af July 6, 2021
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When a nigga is so fuckin suprised that "oh my god" isn't enough and you gotta take it to the next level
Nigga 1: Did you really just jack all dat dank?
Nigga 2: Hell yeah
*opens box*
by theRealHongKong November 26, 2015
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Gangsta speak for "For sure, my friend." Can also mean "yes", or "alright".
Gangsta 1: "We is gon' get some fine ass honey right hurr!"
Gangsta 2: "Fo' sho mah nigga!"
by Dylan Richardson October 20, 2004
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This expression is often used to let someone express a hard attachment to someone instead of using "my very best friend"
person1 : you are a verry best friend
person2: mah nigga *-*
by ᖻᕠ ᘉᓮ June 6, 2017
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