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Someone who is sick / ill / under the weather. Usually used as a term of endearment.
Poor little sickling! I hope you get better soon.
by Schlub July 15, 2009
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a sick ass person thats is a product of a sicker person like a person that is not sick that hangs around with a person that is sick will be come a sickling
john:dude have u seen emily shes been hanging out with jose alot

Pat:yeah shes gonna become a sickling bro
by jose arozz September 15, 2008
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An individual who tends to be sick more often than healthy.
"hey is (name) feeling okay lately? He/she seems a bit off"

"ah yeah they're just a bit of a sickling, nothing to worry about! "
by ColinBassGuy March 29, 2017
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