to be intimate with a lady and make love rather than have rough dirty sex!
would one like a harvest?
by D. B May 2, 2006
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the act of spontaneously reaching down the back of your pants with the objective of obtaining lint from between the cheeks of your butt, specifically the upper crack
ex. Joe- "How was the harvest today" James- "Pretty good, i got a good amount of lint and oddly an orange peel"
by jfm1324 July 12, 2010
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verb (used with object), harvest

1. to be removed from a social group

2. to be cut from the team
Sally betrayed the group, so Sally got harvested.

Johnny was not longer performing, he was harvested from the team.
by _saurus January 7, 2019
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The first human colony to fall to the Covenant. When it was found, it was found to be shiny and smooth, the result of plasma bombardment
Only one badly damaged ship returned from the search at harvest, speaking of an unstoppable alien force
by Mustache Man February 27, 2005
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Accumulating hoes
Person 1 “What have you been up to G”
Person 2You know me just been Harvesting”
by Reyce Morgan October 4, 2020
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The act of harvesting sperm during masturbation.
After a long day of hard physical labour John decided he should spend his next hour harvesting.
by heathen priestess April 2, 2009
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An automatic web site scanning application that methodically scearches through internet sites for viable email addresses. The primary source of SPAM generation.
I set a trap for the harvesters by putting hundreds of bogus email addresses on my website.
by 1Spectre4U August 12, 2003
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