The skillful act of twisting yourself out of deep shit and picking up the one and only girl you want.
"Oh my goodness, you're so good at smooth talking!"
by Smoothtalker February 21, 2015
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charming or flattering language, especially when used to persuade someone to do something.
by The Tealess April 19, 2016
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1) (Noun) A brotha who is down with his words, able to talk his way out of anything, no matter how busted he looks

2) (Noun) A brotha who can get anything and anywhere he wants with his words alone.
Homie 1 - "You know yo brotha got caught by the 5O smoking some good dro."
Homie 2 - "Fuck, he get busted?"
Homie 1 - "Fuck nah, that brotha is down with his words, he was smoking dat fat ass blunt right infront of the po po. He said some shit, laughed with the cops and they left his ass alone."
Homie 2 - "that nigga is one smooth talking brotha."

Homie 1 - "Yo, iz that brotha skipping the line and talking to dat bouncer?"
Homie 2 - "Yeah, he ain't getting in tho, he a broke ass. I know him."
Homie 1 - "Fuck that shit, the bouncer let his sorry ass in."
Homie 2 - "Shit, that nigga a june bug."
Homie 1 - "He a smooth talking brotha."
by Smooth Talking Brotha23232 August 31, 2009
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Someone who falsely uses their sweet talk words to gain trust love and adoration from the opposite sex to get attention and to overindulge in text flirting
I can't believe he says that to everyone , I thought I was the only one he called beautiful or baby . He's a smooth talking text whore
by Westcoast wildcard May 15, 2016
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