During the days when ships were powered by sail, the captains log documented everything that happended during the day. As sickness could spread rapidly on a ship,there were often times where the number of sailers that were ill exceeded the space provided in the log to record their names. During these times, the excess names of the sick were recorded in the next column, which was reserved for the weather conditions of the day. Thus, it was not unusal for an ill sailor to be listed "under the weather".
Don't get too close to Ahab, he is under the weather today.
by R. Lowerre March 14, 2007
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A sarcastic way of saying something is cool. Such as sick or ill can mean something is actually very cool, not sick or ill in the way a person feels.
(Some sick foo sticks a nice nosegrind nollie flip)

"damn stogie that shit was under the weather!"

(If you don't get the irony of this phrase by now and think I am serious please sit on a landmine.)
by JALBanger June 11, 2009
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Ryan: "Jesus, who's that chick you were with the other night? I sure would like to pound that pussy."
Nikko: "Yeah, she's hot, for sure, but she's a little...how shall we say.... "under the weather upstairs".
by stockman09 November 11, 2007
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It means to feel sick. In most cases, it's used to say that you feel a little sick. ... But… you usually feel low on energy and feel tired when this happens. To be Sick and ill both mean to feel unwell.
by April 7, 2021
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