The 7th day of the week. One is required to get drunk to a point where one cannot name the current day without slurring one's words. This is a weekly UVA tradition started by Dabney First Left (a.k.a. D1L; the Dabney Douchebags). A successful Shwasted Shaturday will end in blackout and waking up in a random bed with an incredibly attractive naked girl lying next to you.
"Yo man, I'm so smashed!"
"Damn shtraight, itsh shwasted shaturday!"

"Sorry I can't do homework, it's shwasted shaturday"
by Thomas Jefferson + Dabney December 07, 2011
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Shwasted is a mix of being s.h.i.t faced and wasted. its awesome.
Hey adri.
Yes mickela.
I am so Shwasted!
Oh i forgot wat that ment.
by thatpsychogirl May 05, 2010
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Initially, "White Girl Shwasted" was a term for A girl that was white...shitfaced...and incredibly wasted.
Now? It's a generic term for every frat bro, skater man, and party boy to drop. Label the girl that is the whitest, most shitfaced, and most wasted at your party your very own "White Girl Shwasted."
We've all been there. ...or seen someone go there.
Bro 1: Dude, do you see that girl over there?
Bro 2: The white girl with punch all over her white shirt, dancing like a fool?
Bro 1: Yeah. She's our White Girl Shwasted.
Bro 2: Word.
by TattiG February 16, 2010
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yet another word used for a state of inebriation
I'm so fucking shwigity shwasted right now I just peed on the steps of the chruch over there....whoops!!!
by Tiffers October 03, 2005
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Getting extremely intoxicated. A degree of drunkenness, higher than getting shwasted or shitfaced.
Man #1: DAMN, She's Shitfaced!

Man #2: No, She's Shwasted....

Man #3: Dude... She's Shit-Shwasted.

All Men: Yup, that's it!
by Landon Ryan August 23, 2012
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