(n.) a fratastic individual who is skilled in the arts of dragon slaying, getting blackout, ghetnsom strange, and pounding frat sodas. Obnoxious awesomeness emanates from a frat bro. Oftentimes used to describe Alec when he is in "rare form."
Brad: "Hey look it's Alec the big ol' frat bro drinkin his frat sodas."
by trincrew November 16, 2007
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Guys who wear boat shoes, short khaki or colored shorts, and button up shirts. With the side swiped hair and sometimes a backwards ball cap. They travel in packs and spend their summers wasting daddy's money and spreading chlamydia. I.e. Harry styles
"Hey, look at that pack of guys over there. They look like they belong on a fishing show"

"The only thing they catch and throw back is chlamydia. They're chlamydia frat bros."
by AlexaBlake June 15, 2017
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