Contraction of "shit" and wasted" used to charcterize someone who is wasted^2.
Man, I got so shwasted last night, I couldn't even feel my face.
by Kevin December 4, 2004
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a combination of "shit-faced" and wasted. Really drunk basiclly.
I am not getting drunk tonight, I am going to get SHWASTED!!!
by ValAnne May 8, 2005
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It is an explicit combination of "shit-faced" and "wasted"
"What did you do last night man?" "Dude i got so shwasted and and nailed a fat girl."
by Big C. Mass E. November 17, 2009
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in the state of being really drunk; combination of shit-faced and wasted
lets get shwasted tonight!
by 757baby August 3, 2009
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combination of shit faced and wasted. When someone is extremely inebriated.
When disscussion someone dancing on table with top off, "Man, that chick is SHWASTED!!"
by T*Dawn January 25, 2005
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The Jewish version of being wasted aka you are drunk because you were stingy with your alcohol.
Keekee: Damn Trina is shwasted!
Samantha: Yeah because that bitch didn't share her bottle of Alaze.

Keekee: Smh. Damn Jew.
by duhnaynay December 2, 2010
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The act of being wasted, only with more swag.
"I was shwasted last night"
by GODofSWAG October 4, 2011
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