Basically an abbreviation of "she can get it." Something you say when you see a fine lil mami.
"Aye you shorty over there bruh?"

by bigtwenty9shit January 25, 2019
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meaning that the female bieng spoken about looks good enough to "beat" or make love too
david: yo gabe check out dat girl...
gabe: shes pretty good looking she can get it...
david: yupp id beat too...
by bumrecords August 19, 2008
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telling someone that u want to fuck the girl and or u wouldnt mind fucking her
alvin: yo joel, look at that girl man check her out
joel: yea word man she fly, she can catch it any day
by sAkE iz da tagg April 13, 2006
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Usually said to or about someone who is really attractive and who you would have sexual relations with.
*Girl on the phone and texting a guy.

Girl on end of the phone - "Who you texting?
Girl on phone - "Oh, just Mark"
Girl on end of phone - "Oh well, Tell him I said 'Hi'"
Girl on phone - "Mark, Nicole said Hi"
Mark - "Nicole,... Oh SHE CAN GET IT!"
by boobies1996 November 28, 2011
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She is really attractive, and I would like to have sex with her.
No way dude is Margot Robbie in this movie? She can play
by Peaszy April 27, 2021
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Is a polite way of saying she gives a good blowjob
"She can speak French, I think she fluent"

Mean she gives amazing blowjobs she must be fluent at it lol that song isn't as innocent as you thought but just remember good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught
by Invisible hood July 24, 2016
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If a guy says "she can get dick" it means she is either hot or fuckable so like he would fuck her or a lot of other people want to
oh her? damn she can get dick!
by spency p December 8, 2016
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