A way of describing something, someplace or even something someone is doing that is rarely seen in this modern age of the South.
"Well, I declare if he don't carry a handkerchief and a pocketknife with him everywhere he goes...thats Old South."
by Southernguyy January 9, 2012
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From an Antebellum family of means, wealthy due to the pre-war between the states circumstances. Plantation owner descendants. Family circumstances most likely result in connections, both political and influential throughout the area where the plantation exist(ed).
That Belle is Old South White, her family owned a great deal of land used for cropping before the Civil War. Southern Royalty is considered Old South White.
Manners, attire, and manner of speech all contriubute to defining one as Old South White.
by Colonel Whetherton February 27, 2011
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A part of old bridge with potheads that ride quads, smoke weed and go to parties. The best part of old bridge that raises complete savages that do whatever they want.
"if you grow up in SOB your fit for anything"

"Slide to SOB for a wave"
"I live in south old bridge"
by SOB gang shit October 8, 2018
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When someone makes an excuse to not attend an event because he current lives in south east asia.

The events are typically in America but any destination far from south east asia works.
This is often made worst when the event doesnt have a location and or dates.
Oh Bob will not be able to attend the bbqs, if you ask him he will probably give the old south east asia excuse.
by FavoriteDino March 1, 2019
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