When you have completed binge watching a show on Netflix, and have nothing else to watch. This is signified by the final, final credits.
Susanne: I'm in the biggest show hole right now, Dave, come over!
Dave: Fuck no, I'm eating chicken wings.

Chicken wings
by soIcanenteranythinghere? November 27, 2015
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A side effect of binge-watching. Symptoms include a sense of emptiness and depression brought on by realizing you just wasted a good portion of your life watching several seasons of a TV show or an entire movie franchise all at once when you could have managed your time better. Other symptoms may include wanting to shoot/bury/destroy your TV, chronic unemployment, poor hygiene, loss of social life, and terminal irritation because now you have to wait until next season just to go through it all over again.

Term comes from 2015 Amazon FireTV commercial.
Cindy spent the whole weekend binge-watching Game Of Thrones and now she's stuck in a show hole.
by Maschinenmensch December 20, 2015
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When you proudly display your anus for someone (or everyone) to see.
I've scrubbed my butt clean and now am ready to show hole.
by JaqenStark April 20, 2019
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