When you proudly display your anus for someone (or everyone) to see.
I've scrubbed my butt clean and now am ready to show hole.
by JaqenStark April 20, 2019
The act of showing a photograph/video of your exposed butthole
Omg, did you see the WWE Superstar Austin Theory show hole on the internet?
by Faggady Anne April 3, 2022
When you finally finish binge-watching all the episodes of a favorite TV series on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, as the credits to the final episode roll, that empty feeling that wraps around your soul because you don't know now what to do with your life. Like a good friend just left you forever.
"I think I cried three different times during the finale and now I have a show hole where my heart used to be."
by doubleyouj3 December 13, 2015
when you finish a tv series and your life has no meaning anymore
"Is Greg coming to the party?"
"You didn't hear? He finished The Office and is in a show hole."
by yodelingnuggets November 30, 2015
when you finish binge watching a tv show and you don't know what to do with your life afterwards
"what's wrong with Cece? why is she crying?"
"she just finished watching all of Avatar the Last Airbender, she's in a show hole."
by ali3nprincess December 2, 2015
When you don't have a show to watch after you've finished a show
DAMN IT, I'm in a show hole!
by sn0coneshugecock December 10, 2015
An extreme state of depression after completing an amazing show such as Psych or Futurama
John Finkelhimer fell into a show hole after finishing the final season of Psych
by Is really sad January 27, 2016