1. (noun) A person, usually female, who loves and cares for everyone she knows. Usually loves to feed everyone she comes in contact with, even if they persist that they are full. She loves to have fun, and loves animals. Usually stubborn, Susanne's are not one to back down from a fight. Susanne's are quite often beautiful, even when they age.
Human Being: "That lady, she loves her kids so much!"
Human Being 2: "She must be a Susanne!"
by Bailey Grace April 24, 2012
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A name that is seldom correctly spelled, given that it is predominantly spelled with a "Z" (this is a bastardization).

Women with this name are are usually very bookish--many carry advanced degrees and teach at the college/university level.

Women with this name are blindingly attractive. As such, they are also extremely competent lovers, and are incredible between the sheets. Their tongue control and power are unrivaled.

In addition to brains and looks, Susanne has a heart of gold. She is a woman of amazing moral constitution.
"Says here this gal's name is Susanne. That must mean she's got a lethal combination of brains and beauty!"
by Tippecanoe October 15, 2008
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A Susanne is one of the most awesome girls you'll ever meet! She is usually brunette and is really into good music. She dresses well and is skinny and gorgeous. All the guys are jealous of Susanne's boyfriend and her boyfriend couldn't be happier! She can be violent but only in a funny way. Overall Susanne are awesome and rare. So if you find one hold onto her and never let her go :D
Example 1:
Guy: damnnn gir
Guy 2: Dude that's Susanne
Guy: how you know?
Guy 2: I can just tell man...

Example 2:

Guy: damnnn gir
Guy's Girlfriend: *SLAP*.... oh wait i know what you're talkin about... after all, that is a Susanne!
by MyNameIsStein January 25, 2011
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The name of a beautiful, intelligent, and hilarious woman. Her wit is rivaled by few and she seeks the embrace of witty and funny men. Typically blonde, always beautiful, she will hold you in her gaze and then drop you on your face. She lives pragmatically and without regret, she is loyal and unflinching in the face of adversity.

She may also be a picky eater.
Hey, is that Susanne over there? I hear she hates cole slaw.
by Ingleberg Humperdink February 3, 2010
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Oh my Susanne you are a very lovely girl. I wish I was you.
by Lotta Butthole February 20, 2020
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This woman is an extremist. Control freak. Clean freak. Makes mountains out of mole hills. rarely answers your calls.. Would do anything for her children. Refuses to cut the cord. Tends to cuss ALOT. Loves coffee and cigarettes. Complains of her mother's actions, yet is blinded by her own actions that sometimesss..reflect her mother's.. her laughs can cause seizures to one's ears..yet is hilarious sometimes.. judgemental and refuses to be judged. Means well. Loves hard. Allregic to things yet loves those things.. No man can handle her needs because she won't settle for anything less than expected. Amazing. Beautiful singer.. always finds a way. DONT mess with her things, friends, or family... dont knock on her door and stand there.. she aint coming to the door and Hiding behind the Blinds for a reason.. sometimes always misunderstood... strong.. independent..Fierce.. will not leave the house if not made up and showered.. Anyone who has a Susanne in their life cant let her go because you love her and she loves you no matter what.
Who wants all the kids at their house? " definitely not my house, they will touch my shit" says Susanne "Twos the max" added Susanne

"Susanne does not drive when its windy".

"Susanne missed your call... Susanne purposely watched as she missed your call.

Mess with her kids.. Susanne will fuck you up.
by UglyBeautifulTruth December 21, 2016
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“What a wonderful thought it is, that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet”-Anne Frank 💕
Susanne is the luckiest person in the world. Sue_really
by Sue dutka January 9, 2022
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