The inability to pick up girls at a bar alone...without a wingman. Stems from serial killer, Jeff Dahmer, who stalked, killed, and eventually ate his victims.
Telephone conversation: "Dude, let's head to Max's Lounge...what? You better come, bitch, I can't go Dahmer."
by Free Savage October 10, 2005
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To roofie and rape.
"Man, last night i wanted to Dahmer that bitch."
"Woah, dude, too far."
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Serial killer who murdered (and sometimes ate) 17 boys and young men in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Also sometimes referred to as Jeffrey Boss Hog Haaland Dahmer
Ah shit, there goes Dahmer. When they let him out?

Nah son, dats just Boss Hog Ben--he's aight, but don't let him get you alone.
by AARICKFRITTSS September 14, 2008
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to disect, kill, take apart, or mutilate.. derived from Jeffery Dahmer: canniblistic serial killer
"We dahmered a frog today in science class"
by Robb and Cody May 28, 2003
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To go crazy and insane. Inspired from the serial killer who killed and ate his victems. He was a crazy ass bastard...
Don't go Dahmer in the airport, dumbass.
by Tardo March 5, 2006
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To eat something with voracious enthusiasm, usually after prolonged hunger.

Synonymous with "chow down."
When I get home, I'm going to Dahmer that bag of chips.

Oh, man. Someone Dahmer'd the pizza.
by MikeSnyderMan December 31, 2007
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