Carl had to leave work early in order to get to the elementary school in time to pick up his short ones....
by sheila in the car July 13, 2011
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To drink an alcholic beverage.
"It is normal for an English gentleman, at this hour, to partake in a short one"
by Hosser March 3, 2007
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The best damn person you could ever meet. You’ll fall for her immediately. She doesn’t have much for self confidence and doesn’t see how beautiful she is. Is a weirdo but in the best way possible. You are lucky if you have a Kate in your life. Oct 3rd
I’ve been through hell but would do it all again for Kate (the short one)
by Me-Hop December 11, 2019
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A term used to describe a person who is not all there. A person missing a marble or two - a few percentages off from being full blown retarded.
"I can't believe that guy just walked into that glass door - what is short of a six pack?"
by D. Ferrel September 30, 2003
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Another phrase for pubes used once by Abraham on the Walking Dead. Poor Abraham. )^’;
Hillbilly kid 1: I’m 18 I’m practically old enough to drink can’t I have a beer?

Hillbilly dad: I don’t give a Curly Short Ones how old you are. I’m not going to prison just so you can drink some glorified horse piss! No beer for you! It’s like the apple juice of alcohols anyway what kind of lightweight sissy drinks beer?
by TheUrbanGodfather June 4, 2018
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