A slang term referring to bad, cheap, beer with a rather weak taste. Examples are Budweiser, Natty, Keystone, and Miller Lite, and Coors Light.
Rob: "Man, I wanna get WASTED tonight!!! Ya know what I'm sayin'?"
Mike: "Here, drink this can of horse piss."
Rob: "ALRIGHT DUDE!!! I love Natty Ice! 5.9% alcohol content baby! Get in my belly!" (chugs it)
Mike: "Uh, that was a joke, man. Mr. Ed just took a leak into that can, seriously. I didn't think you'd actually drink it."
Rob (loses his lunch all over the floor)
by Nick D August 26, 2004
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"All she's fuckin got in er is some old radioactive horse piss"
by ayobigboigimmedatyumyumsauce November 2, 2018
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A rare type of possibly expired diesel fuel, the origins of which are unknown. Typically found in shitty old Fords in Albertan oilfields.
Before we fire this old piece of shit up, we gotta see if she's got any Radioactive Horse Piss in her tank.
by SgtTickledick June 23, 2020
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Some sort of mysterious hydrocarbon fuel that may or may not run an engine. God knows what it's made of or how old it is. Often found in the fuel tanks of broken lawnmowers and abandoned trucks.
by Paperpaper22 May 19, 2020
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Taking a shower where the water temperature is luke warm or tepid. Caused by heavy demand of water heater's supply of hot water through heavy hot water use--other people taking showers or baths, laundry or dishwasher, etc. The temperature of the water is far from invigorating or comfortable. The water is barely warm, just like horse piss.
Hal: Are you expecting alot of company for Thanksgiving vacation?

Frank: Yes, my son, his college roommate, my in-laws, aunt, uncle and cousins will all be at my house. I'll have to make sure I'm the first one in the shower, otherwise I'll have to take a horse piss shower.
by Graycat April 5, 2009
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Term used to describe something that is of no use whatsoever - usually using during an attempt to install a Microsoft product on a Windows OS.
Arg, that Bill Gates, he's about as much use as a Sack of Horse Piss.
by Stationmiek October 10, 2006
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Insult - derogatory term for someone who is offensive to one's senses.

Often abbreviated to 'Sack of Unwanted'
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