113 definitions by sheila in the car

A shampoo and a hair do/ hair cut..
Sally looked at her hair in the mirror and knew it was time for

a poo and a do.
by sheila in the car June 18, 2013
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Stringing your present girlfriend along until you can find a new and improved one.....
Even though she made him mental,Paul made sure he had boner insurance by dating his present girlfriend until he could find a better replacement.
by sheila in the car September 23, 2011
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pharmaceutically generated pill, the purpose of which is to take"the edge off" a grown up anxiety-laden event such as:

2.)IRS audit
3.)inlaw visit
4.)Kenny G concert
You cannot get me on a plane until I have taken my adult skittle.
by sheila in the car May 8, 2009
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a combination of the word terrible and atrocious this term is used to describe the ultimate worst of something /anything....

See word combinations such as ginormous,fugly,
Carl expected to go to jail for his latest crime because he knew his criminal record was absolutely terrocious.
by sheila in the car December 5, 2010
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an internal GPS of a sort which provides the uncanny and coveted ability to determine the location of the nearest bar.....
When traveling out of state, Paul called upon his bardar to lead the group to the local watering hole, "Murphys".
by sheila in the car November 15, 2009
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The time honored and respected credo of a young man who wishes to get a quick sexual hit out of the way and still make it back for last call with his crew.
Both Paul and Carl decided that on Friday night they would"go fat early" so they would still have time to
catch the west coast game with their buddies at the bar.
by sheila in the car December 19, 2009
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term used to describe the occasion when one "goes rogue"and acts in a manner not contemplated or planned...
Carl went off script when he stripped to his underwear while at the bar with the guys...
by sheila in the car December 30, 2010
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