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112 definitions by sheila in the car

a combination of the word terrible and atrocious this term is used to describe the ultimate worst of something /anything....

See word combinations such as ginormous,fugly,
Carl expected to go to jail for his latest crime because he knew his criminal record was absolutely terrocious.
by sheila in the car December 5, 2010
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term used to describe a son or daughter who hit life's lottery by being spawned by a rich/successful and generous father
Paul's ascendance to the CEO position of his father's company made it official....he was a "thank you dad" kid.
by sheila in the car June 13, 2010
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term oft used to establish an opportunity lost
Ever hopeful he would get back together with his girlfriend,Paul finally realized "that ship has sailed" when he heard she married another.
by sheila in the car June 20, 2009
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term used to describe any secondary sleep location which is used as a result of an argument between sexual partners
Paul was destined for the fight bed after telling his girlfriend she could lose a few....
by sheila in the car October 6, 2009
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Derived from the now familiar English term "the full monty" which references a man's full nakedness , "the full morty" best describes the well too familiar look of any man who is fully clothed in a velour or nylon jogging suit...
When Jerry visited his father at his Boca Raton condo, he noticed his father had adopted "the full morty " look....
by sheila in the car November 6, 2011
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term used by the male of the species to reference the act of sexual congress
Though Paul's wife fell victim to a starch bomb explosion and gained 40lbs,he assured her he would still "throw a poke into" her
by sheila in the car June 12, 2009
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