to share or like when you want something
madi - I got some cookies
madi- nah bihh this shit mine, I don't wanna share.

Melvin wants some of the cookies so he says shoot some, but madi doesn't want to give him any.
by toxicmadi July 27, 2017
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A politically correct way of saying bowel movement that can be used in lieu of a more vulgar or more widely understood statement.
American dude: I gotta go shoot some badgers

Mexican dude: El Gross!
by I got you back November 25, 2009
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This is an American 70s term meaning to go and play snooker or pool
"Hey man we lookin' to shoot some stick, you gunna let us in?"

"Shit yeah! Come on in brothers!"
by the definition February 26, 2012
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an invite to play a game of billards
lets shoot some pool after work
by gcaeronautics November 12, 2013
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To have a shit where the toilet is the hoop and your shit is the ball
Man i just had to shoot some hoops cause I was touching cloth I wouldnt go in there for a while the rims a little dirty
by GarethRees November 5, 2006
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refering being, going to be, or was busy. Was created by inner members of Da Hood.
Joe, are you going to be on MSN tonight?
No, im going to be shooting some terrorists.

Where were you?
I was shooting some terrorists.
by Purple G April 24, 2008
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