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El is an extremely kind girl, however is sometimes not treated as well as she should be. She has a lot of friends and is always there for them. She is usually kind, but if there is some small annoying person annoying her, she will put them in a bin.
Haha, el just put that midget in the bin
by BigSexyMan44556 August 26, 2019
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I couldn’t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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Spanish word meaning the. Occasionally added before an english word by students from Señora Oditt's class.
Did you do the El homework?
by Oofpacitomos September 12, 2019
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AS indicated,a blunt..But specifically rolled from the wrapper of a store bought El Producto cigar
Yo spark up that el
by Benjamin May 30, 2004
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Stands for Easy Life. Can be used as any form of speech. Coasting through life with not a worry in the world. Also, means taking the path of least resistance or just sitting around being lazy.
I made a live the EL!

Joe, you're quite possibly the biggest EL I have ever seen!

Yeah, I am just going home to EL and play some Xbox.
by therealEL April 05, 2011
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Chicago's mass transit system. Its both elevated (hence where the name EL stems from) and subway. best damn train system in the US.
by chi-town baller December 28, 2004
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An archaic name for God. Approximately means "the One," but is so ancient a term that it is always understood to mean God. Appears in different forms, including, El Elyon (God Most High), El Shaddai (God Almighty), etc.
El Shaddai, El Shaddai, El-Elyo na Adonai
by Grim Winnebago January 09, 2004
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