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The often unintentional theft of a friend or acquaintances lighter, many times this act is a subconscious force of habit, but is just as often not an accident. Most people realize that any lighters they buy might get lighter gamed so they purchase cheap ones in bulk.
Man 1: Dude where did my Incredible Hulk lighter go?

Man 2: Chalk it up to the lighter game.

Man 3: Yeah dude you’ve just been lighter gamed!
by I got you back July 12, 2009
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A group of homosexuals from New York who think they’re cool because they’re trapped in a musical era that time forgot, and with good reason. Many emo kids think that they’re hip by listening to the "the Strokes" but are simply pandering to the notion that you have to be outside of the mainstream in order to be good. A complete lack of originality and talent, don’t waste your time listening to The Strokes because the Rolling Stones did it better, and they did it 40 YEARS AGO.
Emo Kid: Do you want to listen to the new "The Strokes" album? I got it on vinyl because I’m so hip.

Nromal person: No I have many things I would rather do with my time, like make furious man-love to a cheese grater.

Emo Kid: (slices wrists and lays in the corner crying)
by I got you back July 25, 2009
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Another name for the air jerk, or simulating masturbation while fully clothed to annoy others or let them know you don’t care.
Man 1: My daughter is going to be the lead in the elementary school production of cats.

Man 2: (begins pseudo jerkin it)

Man 1: That's how I feel about it too.
by I got you back July 12, 2009
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A celebration that can last up to weeks after Christmas, where late shipments still arrive in the mail many days after they were ordered online.
Amazonukah lasted 17 days after Christmas this year as many of my gifts were coming from Santa's new workshop conveniently located in China due to it's cheaper labor.
by I got you back December 23, 2014
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The air jerk done extremely slow while making eye contact. The slower and more deliberate the jerk, the more inappropriate it will be perceived, popularized by the show "The Whitest Kids You Know".
Man 1: Wanna go play some table tennis?

Man 2: (looks man 1 dead in the eyes and slowly mimics jerking off and eventually climaxing to orgasm)

Man 1: Gross dude, don't slow air jerk, come on stop doing it so slowly!
by I got you back July 12, 2009
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A saying spoken by U.S. Army Drill Sergeants whenever something appears comical to them, due to the Drill Sergeants inability to speak more than two words without cussing, they will often implant curse words in the middle phrases where they have no business being.
Private: Drill Sergeant my knee bone is sticking out of my leg.

Drill Sergeant: Ha-Mother-Fucking-Ha, Front Leaning Rest Position Move!!!

Drill Sergeant: I find your pain and discomfort comical to me and I would like you to do push ups to further increase your pain and vicariously my amusement at said pain.
by I got you back July 13, 2009
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rectally pleasing another with a frozen semen dildo
I was thinking about dating her but then she asked me to groady garza her.
by I got you back March 2, 2009
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