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To go outside and play basketball with your friends.
Hey man, let's go shoot some hoops.
by Roadkill August 26, 2004

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1. One who leaves a trail of death & destruction. 2. To believe you have the inside track with God and that your cause is infallable and just. 3. To be a narcissistic disingenuous four flusher. 4. To wear a smile while stabbing an unsuspecting friend in the back. 5. The only experience worse then a Tabasco enema.
"Whewdamn, looks like a Tobinator has been through here."
"Check out this disaster, what would you say, maybe a catagory 4 Tobinator?"
"You know the Tobinator's motto: if you can't make a difference, at least make a mess."
by roadkill March 11, 2005

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Little Rat Bastard

An abbreviation often used by correctional or mental health staff to refer to an adolescent inmate, client or patient that is unusually uncooperative, defiant, deviant, or combative.
"Inmate #2556, elopement precaution, history of fire setting and cruelty to animals and a general LRB."
by roadkill May 30, 2005

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1. The round pound of coffee grounds residue that you remove from your espresso maker.
2. A very dumb or dense person who is attempting to sound philosophical.
"He seems like a Plato wannabe. What a coffee puck."
by roadkill July 30, 2005

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Bleeding edge development of new and exotic products, often without adequate prototypes or product testing, sometimes with devastating or expensive results. Associated with pushing products to market.
The 1940's Lockheed reverse canard solid fuel flying-wing alpha prototype (the human bottle rocket) was imagineering at its best.
by roadkill July 04, 2005

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