A lowerclass neighborhood like Compton run by gangs, like the Bloods & the Crips.
Yo bitchass muthafucka don't b messin' round herrre! I'm from da hood bitch, so I know what's up!

by Andy Bora January 22, 2005
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Da Hood is Roblox shooting game. The game is quite popular. It was in its peak in 2021-2022. Big part of the Roblox community hates Da Hood, most likely, because they are bad at game (no offense).

In the game. you can encounter a lot of toxicity, which you need to get used to if you plan to play it for a long time.
Da hood is cool and toxic game at the same time.
by G1orguna December 12, 2022
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What I call myself in school when I have my hood on.
Teacher: Take ur hood off!!!@!!!!
Me: I can't I'm in da hood
by TheCookieMonster27 February 28, 2018
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Da Hood is a shitty game/the home of RoGangsters and toxic players I got jump scared in that game once
Tyler: Hey Mike have you played Da hood?
Mike: no that game is a shitty game
by .. thatbluebaconn November 17, 2021
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One's neighborhood in the ghetto. A neighborhood that is controlled or is a territory of a gang.
The ghetto itself.
aye homie where ya hood at?
da boogie down nigga, BONZville ya heard!
by G.C. da MC June 6, 2005
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a rough neiborHOOD were people walking there dogs might get popped in the ass by mistake
yo im from da hood so u best not mess with me
by Ryan April 3, 2005
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High density publicly funded housing in which poor, destitute slobs fester.
I ain't got no ride. I live in da hood yo.
by TheShiznit March 28, 2003
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