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Insult. Synonym to insults such as ass and shit ... alleviating public use of more well-known potty words that could potentially bring unwanted ill-attention to one's self.
Do us a favor: Use your blinker ya freakin shmockhole!
by Ian Ward September 25, 2004
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Literally meaning "jewellery" or "treasure", the yiddish word "schmock"/"shmock"/"shmuck" is usually used to refer to a cocksucking faggot or, if used with a possessive, to a mere cock. Other common yiddish slang words for a mantool are "schtick" and "putz". Each of them bears a slightly different connotation.
Aaron:"Berel is such a shmock!"
Yan:"A shmock indeed and a nebbish and a kaffer. He's been seen sucking putz for mos!"
Aaron:"Yeah, I've heared that mayse. He's meshugge!"
Yan:"He certainly is!"

Miryam:"Berel, stop scratching your schmuck! that's disgusting."
Berel:"Be still, woman! I scratch what I want."
Miryam:"Yea. Nor nisht in public, Berel. Nisht in public!"
by haDurak March 13, 2009
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A shoe-sock. An article of clothing that can be worn like a shoe but washed like a sock.
I love wearing shmocks, if I step in dog poo I can throw them in the washer and then the dryer like a pair of socks.
by Cujo STL March 19, 2006
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The word you say when your fall suddenly.
"Wow, we're having so much fun.... shmock! ow.. i just fell."
by Jolly, April 30, 2010
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Shmock is a secret terminology used in some deep, dark sites of the internet, a synonym for "Homie" or "Bro"
I'd never leave a Shmock behind
Shmocks before Thots
by Soul Salt June 12, 2018
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