A metric shitload is roughly 2.287 english shitloads.
I've got a metric shitload of stuff to get done this weekend
by Twigman May 30, 2003
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Noun used to express extreme dislike of an object or situation. A favorite phrase of James Rolfe, the "Angry Video Game Nerd."
by A.M.A. August 22, 2007
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An expletive phrase that every angry reviewer of bad video games is required to use by law. Failure to do so results in a fine and up to 3 years in a federal prison.

See also: fuckballs, fuckin' sucks, suckin' fucks, sucks monkey fuck.
-Angry Video Game Nerd

-Irate Gamer, the fucking poser that he is
by agwellin December 10, 2007
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1.) A whole bunch of nonsense, fallacy, and plain old bullshit.

2.) Something so ridiculous, meaningless, nonsensical and/or out of context that you cannot comprehend the reason why it was made or put there.

3.) Something that just really really sucks.
1. *talking to boss* - "Those rumors you hear about me slacking off are just a shitload of fuck, I do more work than half the people here."

2. In Far Cry, some of the things you have to do to beat the levels are just a shitload of fuck.

3. *on the way to a concert, the car stalls out* - "Well this is just a shitload of fuck."
by Fan of Gwar October 1, 2006
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An archaic unit of measurement. a metric shitload is equal to 2.227 Imperial Shitloads
by Slyph October 5, 2004
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A dozen is 12; a baker's dozen is 13. By extension: however much is in a shitload, a baker's shitload has one more. See metric shitload
I expected a shitload of trouble, but not a baker's shitload of trouble.
by Secret Agent Man September 18, 2003
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