A large amount of a given item (usually baked goods) ranging from 26 to 130.
Hey homie we need a Baker's Shitload of chicken wings, I got mad munchies.
by Hally13uk October 5, 2011
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When life seems so boring that it feels like you have too much free on your hands and nothing to do, you are just have a shitload of bordom
dude #1: Hey man whats you been doing this pass two weeks?
dude #2: Hanging out with Stella you know the usual, and you?
dude #1: well lets just say my weekend had a shitload of bordom...
dude #3: what the shomk am I doing here???
by Vapri June 7, 2010
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"Shitload of fuck" is a term that the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN for short) says in his earlier episodes, specifically the ones prior to episode 100.
by some dumb man February 21, 2021
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Just like a flock of geese or a pack of wolves, the term “shitload” is used to define three or more snails.
Hey Paul, did you see that shitload of snails crossing the road?
by Gotcha126 December 24, 2017
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