Completely Different
I've eaten pizza before , but this one was a Far Cry
by seven.56789 July 19, 2010
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Saying Madonna has talent would be a far cry from the truth.
by Bomni February 9, 2005
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A far cry is the distance between two people that which one can still hear the other.
An audible distance.

Princeton has a definition that does not ( Although there is a popular videogame named Far Cry, it is indeed a normal English phrase already/as well.

Country singer Tracy Lawrence also has a song "Far Cry from You."
Jim:"Where's Bill? He went out a long way, he hasn't been back for a while, is he lost or somethin'?"
Tom:"Nah, he's only a far cry from here, I heard him holler a minute ago, hehe."

by Kimblixen October 30, 2005
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An excellent game with awesome graphics. The multiplayer part of the game is currently under-rated.
Wipe those noobs out on the US Official West and East coast Far Cry servers!
by far cry May 3, 2005
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One of the best songs from the Rush album Snakes & Arrows
person #1: Hey did you get the new Rush C.D?
Person #2: Yeah I love the song Far Cry
by Uploaded_Hero August 22, 2007
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when someone is bitching or crying over something stupid and that person loves the game far cry 2
six: C'mon man! that's bullshit he's just a newb using the host shotgun

me: six stop far crying!

six: Gore im going to slapped you so hard if you keep saying that!

me: you're far crying

six:fuck off!

by Da Gory masta June 18, 2010
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