Shitload means to have a lot of something, but the actual amount varies. To figure out how much is in a shitload you must follow a few steps.

1. pick an item - ex) pretzels
2. make it singular - ex) pretzel
3. figure out how many letters in in that word - ex) 7
4. multiply that number by 6 - ex) 7x6=42
5. it takes 42 pretzels to make a shitload of them!

It varies because if the word were short like car, it would be 3x6=18.

babies -> baby -> 4 -> 4x6= 24 babies

trees -> tree -> 4 -> 4x6= 24 trees

stop signs -> stop sign -> 8 -> 8x6=48 stop signs
by getinbelly March 21, 2010
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The collective noun used to describe a group of policemen
A herd of cows, a flock of geese, a shitload of cops.
by not the milkman October 5, 2011
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The Shitload first became common usage during World War II. Farmers, who's sheds were previously full of shit were called upon to empty their shit-filled barns in order to allow for the making of weapons.

A Shitload refers to between 1 and 4 tons of equine or bovine excrement (that's horse and cowshit to you and me). More specifically Shitload describe the overfullness of the trailers used by farmers.
I've got a shitload of hay in my barn.
by Graham Nigel Goddard-Hill July 15, 2005
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A Whole lotta' somethin, more than a tiny bit, but less than a ton.
Shmekie629(5:37:09)PM:How much homework is a 'shitload' of homework? Too many people use this term, and no one knows how much it is. I myself have a lot of homework tonight. Possibly a shitload. But is it a shitload? Maybe it's a metric shitload. Maybe a crapload. I just don't know.

reiggnhardt (6:56:16 PM): a shitload of homework is when you have so much that your teachers own you enough as to where they actually do shit on your homework and expect you to do it

bad ass bitz (5:51:27 PM): or maybe any amount of hw is a shitload, because it's way the fuck more than i want to do
by Shmekie September 22, 2004
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Someone who shits way too much in one day. Someone who never stops having the shits when they don't have diarrhea.
Bob just crapped for the 6th time today and he doesn't have diarrhea, he must really be quite the shitloader.
by Anonymous reality November 1, 2013
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1) A modern standard unit of measurment that everybody understands to mean way to much or a huge almost un-doable quantity.

2) The cargo of a slurry lorry.
"Got any work to do this weekend?"
"Yep, I have a shitload!"

"There was a shitload of people at the party last night."

"You done for the day Kev?"

"Almost, just got to deliver this shitload to Farmer Giles"
by Anna's February 7, 2010
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Shitloads is "short" for lots.
I have shitloads of Mp3s on my computer.
by Rebel Racer November 14, 2004
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