A term of endearment when, and only when, referring to the state of Colorado. The exact definition is as follows: Colorado is better than any other State in the Union, particularly New Jersey and Oregon (a.k.a Shit Hole and Land of the Covered Wagons Loaded with Shit and Shitty People, respectively.)

When used to describe other localities, regions or states, specifically New Jersey, it emphasizes the amount of shit that other states and/or organizations place, throw or otherwise dump on the aforementioned location. One can also correctly use this word for comparison purposes- i.e. "This place has half the shittiness ratio of New Jersey," which roughly means that the residents of such an area suck balls and lick choads for a living.
"Colorado, Second only sic to New Jersey in Terms of Utter Shittiness." -Quoted from Cohen's Figure 1.1 titled "United States of America."

Meaning: Colorado fucking rules and New Jersians love to smoke pole, eat shit and die. There is also a subtle undertone of "Oregon sucks."
by live4truthaboutNJORCO October 25, 2006
I only do this to troll the ad below
My life is shitty
by secreperson July 23, 2021
Shitty is Of very poor quality; highly inferior. Contemptible; despicable.
Unfortunate; unpleasant. Being in a state of discomfort or unhappiness; miserable. Incompetent; inept.
Trivial; insignificant.

but u can't mess with shitty cuz its someones name...shitty from YO!!! don't use the name in vain!!-Dinky
yo what up shitty!!

this note book looks shitty

you look shitty
by DINKY from YO November 17, 2003
The act of taking ones selfie while shitting.
But first, let me take a shittie!
by Got Diesel July 29, 2014
a great word to describe a bad situation, most likely to be used as an adjective
Man that is pretty shitty

Today is a shitty day, yesterday was better
by ktmyrs08 October 23, 2008
A combination of the words shitty and pitiful. Implying that something is so poorly designed and maintained that it should not be despised or disliked by instead pitied.
J: Why is the Check Point usercenter so shittiful?
S: Its a wonky piece of shit isn't it.
C: Damn thing never works when you need it.
by jmig February 2, 2016
very drunk/ high aka shitface, fucked up, wasted
he got real shitty last night
by adog April 9, 2003