Refers to the exponent of an error-bound as it approaches one...
A multiplier is an exponent that is approaching one...Such that the base equals itself..

A multiplier is able to represent all of the discrete numbers as well as the real numbers which are discrete numbers embedded on transfinite plane.

In electronics a chromatographic superset which maps an electrical field by discrete colors...

The idea of the multiplier comes from the ideal-multiplier function; the triene-function in which the first side of the error-bound; acting as the base; and the second side of the error-bound, acting as the exponent: both approach one.
by sandrashine April 16, 2022
1. see sex or procreate
2. math
1. "let us multiply; i want a son."

2. "2 X 2 = 4"
by Ekim Drachir March 1, 2004
Man! That Charmin is some multiply shit!
by Jake September 22, 2003
- The act of doing something multiple times
- Plural of the word multiple
Does it hurt anything if I multiplie submit my timesheet?
by Woobilly Beall January 25, 2011
The number by which something is multiplied when prefaced with "shit". This is typically somewhere between 1.5x - 2x. However, many interpretations have placed the shit multiplier as high as 20x.
"Whoa, that is a shit ton of shit." "What shit multiplier are you applying to that shit?"
by dwreckmi October 31, 2014
a person that helps a douche bag act like more of a douche bag
Bobby was totally acting more like a douche bag tonight and I think it was because Billy was the douche multiplier.
by t-muney November 15, 2009