This term is often associated with a political leader hailing from Pakistan. Cricketer turned politician is well known for u-turn from his promises.
Imran Khan is the master of U-turns.
by masterofpakislangs August 04, 2018
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a loud remark one makes when feeling a sense of regret, or otherwise feeling a need to make a 180 degree turn.
It can also be used when in an urge of making a funny noise
Rony was about to punch michael in the face, but when he saw him holding a knife, he made a U TURN and got the fuck out of there.
by ronyisawesome October 20, 2008
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dance -Put your hands up, bend your knees
Bounce around in a circle, get down with me.
Oh come on, come on
It's not hard to learn
Come on, come on
It's called the U-Turn
by trevor August 01, 2004
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