Term used to describe a 180 degree turn.
"I saw a police officer at the end of the block, so i made a U-Turn."
by Hikari-san May 27, 2007
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Kyle's Penis turns a lot to the right. Kyle has a U-turn
by Eric Chin 88 November 10, 2013
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Take your penis, bend it under and insert it into your anus. That's a U-Turn.
Brent uses toys because his penis isn't long enough to U-Turn.

I snuck into the car wash for a private place to U-Turn.
by djsures July 26, 2010
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When performing cunnilingus, you lick your partner from her Tramp Stamp, down through her under carriage, past the poon, and up to her belly button; thus making a U shaped motion.
Kids are crazy these days, can you believe Michael pulled a U-Turn on that Trog?
by Sausage Dogg February 4, 2007
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A sexual act preformed while driving. When a woman preforms oral while your driving, and you switch roles going down the road and begin to eat her out while she drives. Can be preformed at a stoplight or stop sign. Also known as reverse road head.
She was giving me roadhead, so after I finished we pulled a U-Turn at the stop sign.
by sparky1221 May 3, 2023
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To turn around 180 degrees. Usually in a car.
I just did a U -turn to evade the police
by mattoneill February 4, 2007
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when a guy cums in a girls mouth during oral but then makes her laugh and the cum comes out of her nose
She was giving me head last night and pulled the u-turn.
by crowpickle32 May 13, 2021
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