Stuff that makes even the most constipated individual have an ass explosion.
I took some Metamucil an hour ago and ended up with the worst intestinal contractions known to man.
by Terri March 02, 2004
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a type of medicine that cleans you out, or makes u poo. gives u fiber...comes in capsules or drinks...tastes sooooo bad
by marilyn February 19, 2005
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When you are going doggy-style on a girl, you give her a donkey punch. Then, while she is stunned, you reach into her anus and pull out her large intestine, string it around her neck, and strangle her to the point of passing out. Her passing out causes a tightening of the vaginal canal and a pleasurable sensation.
i gave that bitch the metamucil last night. her mum walked in so i donkey-punched her and gave her the metamucil aswel.
by BRIAN KID July 07, 2006
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1 tbsp metamucil
3 oz Costco vodka
2 oz water
Johnny knew it all too well. When he travelled, dry ass-brownies would slowly form. He would soon become excrementally challenged. He turned to a friend who, in turn, prescribed a Metamucil Mule.
by KRmd November 20, 2017
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