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Shinny - another word for a leg kick/shin kick. Commonly used in hoodlum areas of New Zealand such as Albany, Auckland.
First person "Oi cunt chuck us your side bag or I'll give you a shinny"
Second person "Jak sorry ko, Just take my shmang instead."

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NS is an acronym for New Zealand Aucklandsz North Shore, only the most ruthless cunts live on the North Shore
Person 1: "oi should I step that cunt out"
Person 2: "jak cunt heard he lives on the NS"

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Skarz.ns is a ruthless menace based in New Zealand's Auckland, North Shore. Skarz.ns is known for hitting licks, shinning cunts and hating the cops.
person 1 "g wanna go Belmont"
person 2 "jak isnt that skarz.ns ends"

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hnf - an acronym for hard and fast
" I rushed some cun hnf at albz"

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Hookah - hookah is a term used throughout New Zealand by hoodrats and horis. Hookah is another word for a fight/scrap and is used to settle people's differences.
Person 1 "oi cunt heard you rushed the bro"
person 2 "jak cun wasnt even me"
person 1 "jak thats us having a hookah right now ko"

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A manu is a term used by New Zealanders, manu's are a form of bombing into a pool or a body of water.
"Fark uce your manu cax cunt"
"jak ko my manus eetswa as g"

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Madluv - Madluv is a term that is short for Mad Love and is used to show someone the respect you have for them.
Person 1: "got any fids g?"
Person 2: "yeah g, drops round albz?"
Person 1: "sounds good, Madluv cun"

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