A sport that requires people to hit a small disc or Puck around with sticks while the players are on ice. The game was invented by Canadians and they tend to call it the best sport ever and anything american is terrible. But I'm American and actually like Hockey just as much as I like Baseball, so I'm a true fan because I like sports and not bitch about which sport is better or not. Sadly ESPN or any other sports channel doesn't want to show the damn game because they don't like it as much as Handegg, which is really a stupid sport.
Hockey is pretty fun to watch.
by Mr. Zimpy June 15, 2010
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Harry: Hey. Wanna play Football?
Mark: Nah I'm off to play Hockey it's much better
by Iceman356 September 30, 2019
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Pretty cool sport popular in Canada, Russia, and the US. The Major league is the NHL, which has such upcomming young stars like Alexander Ovechkin and veterens like Jaromir Jagr

Seriesly though, Shut the fuck with argueing over what sport is superior then any other. Just because baseball is boring for you dosn't mean you can post up your OPINIONS on an Urban DICTIONARY on how much you hate it. Hockeys great, baseballs great, basketball's great, footballs great, just stop bickering.
Canadian: Baseball is so boring, there all fat n basketball so is a pussy sport n Hockey is so cool n it's dominated by canadians cuz the US is so bad n....

American: Hey, you know what's pathetic?

Canadian: What?

American: You
by Geeter August 17, 2006
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1) A sport originating in England, not played on ice but on foot, not using a puck but a ball. After hockey had developed in the British Isles in the late 19th century, it spread throughout the British Empire, largely due to the British army and this is one reason why India, Pakistan and Australia are so formidable (all were British colonies). Today, hockey is played all over the world by a variety of countries and is currently the second largest team sport in the world, just behind football (that's soccer to those who didn't realise).
2) A faster way of saying ice hockey.

Note - Both are good sports that need speed, stamina, skill etc, I'm just clearing up that it is seldom recognised that field hockey was the original.
1) John - "Do you wana go and play hockey?"
Matt - "Yea, I'll go get my shoes and a ball"
2) Jimmy - "Do u wana play hockey?"
Billy - "Yea, I'll go and get my skates and a puck"
by samstorm April 8, 2005
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A sport played solely by badass people.

It takes the most skill to play hockey than any other sport simply because you have to know how to ice skate and handle a hard rubber puck with a stick while 200 pound Canadians are trying to kill you. Hockey makes football look like badminton.

There is nothing quite like creating a yard sale on the ice after smashing some plugs head into the boards followed by a nice lead pass to your winger who toeys some go hard Gerard with bad flow wearing a tinted window, then gives you the puck backdoor with a dirty ragu, bar and down. Gino. Turn the light on. Enough said.
If you play hockey, you're a real man.
by Sreyas Yaj April 21, 2009
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In the Southern United States hockey is used as a euphemism for defecation.
To start my day I Hockey, shower and shave.
by Console Cowboy February 4, 2022
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1. Hockey IS A SPORT
2. Hockey is a 3 period game played on ice, each team having 2 wingers, a center, 2 defenseman and a goalie
3. Hockey is one of the most contact induced injury sports
Melissa, what sport do you play

David, I play hockey

Aidan, me too I got a concussion from a hit from behind last game
by GayCouples May 16, 2019
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