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interj. An exclamation that can be used to express affirmation. Much like "cool!" or "neat!" but with a sexier twist to it.

Note: derives from the conjunction (shibby + kinky)

Person A: "My boner is ten inches long."
Person B: "Shinky!"
by whorebasket69 March 25, 2008
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euphemism for the word "shit", used in every colloquial form that the word shit, or crap, is used. Generally not used to refer to actual merde.
Ah, shinkies, I left my keys. In there. With the monster. Crap.
by grim_jim_twilley September 01, 2010
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cross between a handshake and a pinky swear, usually involves 3 people; one person to handshake, one person to pinky, and the last person who simultaniously does both.
he used a shinky to really earn our trust.
by ashtley May 27, 2007
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Characteristically shiny and awesome
"Girl, that bracelet is totally shinky!"
"Oh man, those lights are so shinky!"
"You totally shinkinized your car!"
by Amy O'Keefe May 06, 2008
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Someone who smokes excessive amounts of Cannibus and who has hippie like shaggy hair, and eyes are slanted based off the racist term "chinky" from the eastern-asians.
Kyle your one shinky eyed hippie sonuvabitch!
by John March 14, 2004
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