French for "shit". Suitable for describing just about everything in my life right now.
Rimbaud once scrawled "Merde a Dieu!" (shit on God) as graffiti in Paris.
by skyblack June 13, 2004
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In addition to being French for, "shit", "Merde" is a term used by ballet dancers (male or female) before they go on stage. This is the equivalent to "break a leg" in theatre.
(imagine yourself backstage...)
"Hey, merde."
by exupery March 30, 2005
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french word meaning 'shit'. Also synonomous in the ballet world for 'good luck'(before a performance)
Don't be nervous! You'll do great! Merde!
by lilballerina January 17, 2005
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putain de bordel de merde, tu me casses les couilles connard, va te faire enculer !!
by Liris August 20, 2004
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it means shit in french. but in canada swears are taken a lot less seriously so its really more like crap.
kid in canada: "aww merde"
his mother: "what, did you loose something"

the mother doesnt care that her little kid just said shit bc it doesnt matter!
by stupidcurlybangs August 5, 2005
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What the fuck is this merde?
by MerdeMan November 21, 2002
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france for 'shit'. Means 'good luck' in show business. Comes from long time ago, when a lot of people go to see a play, coach's horses shit all over the parking. They whishes 'shit' to wish lot of people in your play.
by Hugo Fiorentini August 30, 2005
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