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What is the act of being shermed?

The shermwave can be traced back to the term sherm which originally was a cigarette dipped in PCP or embalming fluid. Being "shermed out" was the effect the drugs had. Eventually being "shermed out" came to be used as a term for being fucked up in general and "shermed" along with it.

Being shermed can be the result of substance use
Your shermed if....

You pass out at a 8pm

You space out on public transportation and miss your stop..daily

Your profile picture isnt you sober....ever

A youtube video of you getting punched in the face....during your interview

You pick up your own lighter and ask everyone wh
by razzzi April 06, 2011
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The state of being inebriated, stupid, careless, and straight up dumb. Drugs, specifically marijuana, and alcohol lead to very easy,comical, silly, and embarassed sherms(N)who are usually unaware of their sherm-like actions.
"That corona had Rachel shermed."
by Jiggaboo12 May 27, 2008
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Shermed is when a female or male (mostly females) is used for sex or a nut and then not hit up after that.
Gbo lean :” did you sherm her ?”
Mike Sherm: “ I Shermed her easy bro i just got my nut and then cut”
by MexicanMikeSherm September 02, 2018
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