*Coined by 42 Dugg

Homie, sister, brother, cousin, friend, dawg or allie.
Lil A- What’s up bro? I’m sick of these hard times.

42 Dugg- Nothing just chillin doggy! Hard times don’t last!
by Alderius Flowers July 21, 2020
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Usually used by children. doggy is cute way to describe a dog or puppy. Mostly said to nice dogs that let u pet them
Five year old Alice looked at the cute doggy
by Lookatthisnowreadit November 3, 2020
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A term used in the Bahamas referring to a man's penis.
He got a big doggy nah!!!!
My doggy so hard rite now!!!
by glintgurlz January 9, 2010
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Colloquial name for the North Ormesby region of Middlesbrough. Often known for being a particularly undesirable area due to the high level of drug deals and criminal activity that takes place there. Doggy Juniors Football Team are locally known for being one of the most successful local Youth Teams.
Fuck Off Back To Doggy.
by JD_1212 May 19, 2009
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doggy can take the place of calling someone dude or man or in some cases dummy.
My fav "Doggy Ya Got Boomed" can mean a number of things like getting raped in a video game or having someone but their dick on your face while your passed out.
by some guy with weird shades December 7, 2009
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Another word for “Penis”. This word was originated in The Bahamas as a substitute for it.
Aye sweetness, my doggy long ya know!
by ChristianAdamG February 20, 2021
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Is abit of a spaker. ie, gets words wrong, whole phrases and occasionaly runs up stairs backwards with a bag over his head. likes to refer to his "plastic" hip as a disability, and that his knee is rusting up. also from an operation ealry in life, he claims is a "shark bite"

Favourite past times include:
singing the popular song "push me" by benny benassi, with a school bag on his head, whilst heavy objects are dropped on him. Also his remix version.

Doing his sidbury bitch doggy whith around 2 other people in the room. she smellt of fish, probably.
Chris: Doggy say "sheep"
Doggy: fffffcckk offf (goes mental)

Doggy: push me, and then jus tounch me so i can get my, rrreeemmmixxxx bing, ding ding ding bbarrpppp.

Nick: your ment to be shooting in the other goal jack.....
Doggy: oh crap yer!
by William Lake November 26, 2006
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