Abbreviation of "What". Usually conveys more bemusement and seriousness than "What", "Waht", "Wut" and "Wat"
person: I ate 3 cupcakes and I am still hungry
other person: wh
by imgonnapopsometags February 04, 2014
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An unfinished "what?" or "why?" of confusion or astonishment, usually as in "what the fuck.."
"Actually i think i'll pick you up last, is that okay??"
"wh...okay i guess."
by Jira_chi September 29, 2015
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as in Wallhack

A first-person-shooter cheats which enables a player to see through walls
When someone frags you through a wall with a headshot he's probably wallhacking, WH
by Galatan February 16, 2004
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1. Sound made with yout throat
2. When combined with the hand action (covering mouth then removing only the fingers as the sound is made) shows a disrespect for authority.
when the teacher talked to Mr. Smith he covered his mouth and said "wwwwwwhh"
by Andrew November 30, 2003
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Hey mark, I found some cheap wh at!
by October 20, 2020
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this school is GHEETO , sigh on behalf of whs we don’t claim once a girl called becca (she was in year 8) had a threesome with year 10’s in a class room she only got detention , the girls and boys that attend this school all support Satan you can’t change my mind , they get drunk and only get detentions I used to go to this school and there uniform is like a strippers outfit

And if you think ur life is hard I had to go to school with nadiné and Kylie how do you think I feel , please pray for me and this school
“WHS-Oh and if you are from Israel I highly recommend you don’t come to this school
by Suck ur mamsss dry pum October 12, 2020
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