Oneofthethreegreatestheroesofourgeneration: Diggity Monkeez is obviously twelve years old.

Diggity Monkeez: Well, that doesn't make me a bad person.
by Diggity Monkeez January 20, 2005
Old enough to join the military in Iraq.
Iraq government: Hey how old are you
Boy: Imma 12 year old.
Iraq government: Heres a gun and grenade go kill someone
by Whyey April 12, 2021
a kid that is waiting for their 13 birthday to come so that older teens won’t be able pick on them anymore for their age on the internet. sometimes these 12 year old CAN be a hardcore show-it-off to teenagers OR they can be really chill. since they are close to their teenaged lives, they have a sense of matureness most times.
person 1: “hey is that jaquelin?”
person 2: “yeah but isn’t she a 12 year old?”
person 1: “yeah so? she’s pretty chill
person 2: “you right.”
by smhhh.arcely April 14, 2020
Simply somebody who has been alive for 12 years. No insults needed.
Person A: Hey look at that 12 year old! Of course it's another one of those idiots who think they're so cool.

Person B: No need to insult them. They can't automatically change their mind. You shouldn't say that unless you want to be pathetic.
by TeknosQuet April 29, 2019
A person who is 12 years old. Sometimes used as an insult on the internet by older people who were probably really stupid 12 year olds and figure that everyone else must of been as stupid and pansy-ish as they were when they were 12.
Guy 1: Well the earth isn't flat really as science clearly already proved its sphere shaped.
Guy 2: And you're just gonna follow anything that science says? You must be a 12 year old or just stupid in general.
Guy 1: --_--
by Sincerely Crazed September 16, 2019
Someone who has been alive for 12 years. A lot of people associate 12 year old with that one kid who picks his nose and while playing fortnite. That’s not all of them. Many 12 year olds are actually pretty chill, and even if some are hyper, you don’t gotta hang out with them, just don’t insult them. This is coming from a person who is 12 and has ADHD. I don’t mess up the class, I try to keep it in as best as I can. In my grade, where everyone is 12 or 13, people usually keep to themselves and don’t disrupt everything.
Guy: yo that 12 year old kid is so dumb he probably begs his mom for v-bucks everyday
Guy 2: that’s not all 12 year olds. Some are cool. You just focus on the ones you see while you go to play fortnite while kissing your dream body pillow.
Guy 1: uhhh
by Xakez April 24, 2021