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magic liquid that makes every kind of moving object look like a hot girl. side affects may include:
1. waking up next to an ugly girl
2. waking up next to a really ugly girl
3. waking up next to a man
4. waking up next to a tree with a small hole in it
5. waking up next to a combination of the four
Oh man what a night! I actully screwed cameron diaz! it was so good! Why is there corona bottles all over the room? And what the hell is this tree doing here?
by Bacon n' Gravy October 25, 2005
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the word says it all. The crown, the royalness, the king of beers, no not budweiser
give me a corona, bitch
by Joker March 23, 2005
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A mexican beer, very popular.
A part of Queens, NY where many Dominicans live. Gangsta!
Oye loco, I'm going to Corona to drink some Coronas.
by Vixen23 September 01, 2006
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the "lip" or "ring" that separates the head of the penis from the shaft.
When I deep-throated him, his corona actually touched my uvula.
by deeee! November 04, 2007
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Corona is an upscale community located approximately 45 miles southeast of Los Angeles in Riverside County.

Today, the 141,000 residents of this pristine, lovely community have a high quality of life, where most of the population is made up of young, well-educated families. The city developed as a primary citrus fruit producer and shipping center. There is also light manufacturing.

The name Corona ("circle") was derived from the 3 mi (5 km) circular drive around the city that was once used for car racing. State prisons for men and women are nearby. Cleveland National Forest and hot springs lie in the vicinity.
Honey, I got a promotion we're moving to Corona.
by coronaresident June 09, 2010
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Corona; sometimes referred to as a beer containing a lime. However Corona also has another definition that only those with a science/heath text book would realize and know. The Corona is also the technical term for that of the ring of the penis. The most sensitive area of the male reproductive organ has a name and its name is the corona. Cornonas are found at the tip of the penis and goes around the penis in a ring-like fashion. Also could be described as the bottom of the head of the dick or the bottom puffy red rim of the mushroom.
Wow, the head of your penis has the biggest corona i have ever seen! I bet it sure is sensitive.
by I'm Mark James September 16, 2005
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1. Beer brewed by the mexican Gods
2.The ring of the bellend on a penis
Dude 1: Oi mate, u want another corona?
Dude 2:WTF, get away from me u fuken poof
by Bdogz August 23, 2008
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