it means shut up im thinking and i probably wont have a very good answer.
what is the capitopl of yugoslavia?
umm i think umm i dunno umm b something
by muldie325 (rs name) June 27, 2005
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1.umm is a word commonnley used in times of indecision
Tim, "Cecil would you like pizza or tacos for dinner?"
Cecil, "Umm."
Tim, "Tacos it is then."
by steve April 19, 2005
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Definitely not
I agree
Of course I am listening, darling
Ooh that feels good
Ouch that hurts
by jeff May 4, 2003
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something that people say when they can't think of anything to say that won't make them sound bad! (or stupid.) commonly used to stall!
umm... i.... umm.... i'm cheating on you with your brother.
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The awkward moment when your wife has a boner.
Joe: My wife had a boner!
Bob: Umm
by Duckmaster29075 March 3, 2020
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a cigarette that has already bein lit and smoked and put out before finished to save until later.

Umm jar: The jar you put your umms in. Or any jar that looks like a bee
Bra, make that a umm because we only have 3 left.
Put your Umm in the Umm jar.
Go get two'uh'em out of the umm jar.
by short dick j July 11, 2009
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an amazing human being who excels in everything and anything they do. They will bring joy and happiness to your life.. FIND AN UMME
My friend is so much like umme.
by blueberrymilk May 18, 2021
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