A misspelling of the word "PWN" which is a misspelling of "own". To beat someone's ass in any way.
"You got powned!"
"Uh, its spelled PWN, so you just PWNed yourself! PWNED!"
by Joe September 7, 2003
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To display ones superior skill against an adversary by defeating them in a loud and obvious manner
by Ross Smith February 14, 2003
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a powerful ownage; the act of owning powerfully
I powned a noob in Halo, because he was only owning
by Gian Stefano January 17, 2009
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It is a common misconception that POWN is a mispelling of the word PWN but it is actually just a way of saying PURE OWNAGE.
Man that was some pure ownage.
Man that was come hardcore pownin
by jhouse May 13, 2005
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the act of physically owning something like in games or the real world
i powned you in counter-strike
i jus powned your ass now you will need crutches for 3 years.
by papA smurf bitch July 30, 2006
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