People who are born in this year are the last generation of normal people who still went out, watch movies and had all the fun.
people born after 2006: Aww Man, I wish i was part of the gang
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The most creative time in human history.
Todd: This is a good song. I wonder when it was released.

Renard: 2006.
Todd: That figures.
by wikiasuckeru September 7, 2020
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"Oh look, the 2006 kids are moving out of the freshman year"
"There goes the last normal generation"
by Uhokjamey November 9, 2019
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i hope you were born in 2006 cause 2007 is trash
by ajaja November 3, 2019
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Anyone born in this year gets unfortunately treated like shit by society, this also goes for people born in 2007 but to a smaller extent.

They get gatekept from everything and are badmouthed by people born earlier and labeling them as a 2000s kid or a 2010s kid is really difficult. Also don't have alot of people to look up to that are the same age as them.
I feel bad for anyone born in 2006 or 2007 because they get treated horribly by society.
by Lemonade_m0uth06 September 6, 2020
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McDonalds, Beer, Sex, Drugs, Myspace, GED's and Football. Enough said.
2006-McGriddle, Bud Light, 69 position, LSD, shitty pictures, sorry education, and the FLORIDA GATORS
by LWARD October 15, 2006
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The year Italy won the FIFA world cup against France. Went into two 15 minute over times. And then into 5 penallity kicks.
by merr37 July 9, 2006
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