Showing passion, care and love for someone.
Can be verbal, physical, or emotional.
I was affectionate to my daughter as I held her close in my arms.
by wordmaster1077 April 07, 2019
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affectionation is the act of giving someone oodles and oodles and oodles of affection. synonyms - affection saturation
gosh, i just wish to give him/her a sweet dose of affectionation.

that firefighter and nurse couple are so sweet... they are the affectionationators
by tellytube June 21, 2010
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1) Pronounced affection-eight-ing
A kiss may just be a kiss but to affectionate someone is something more
1)Steven -"I spent my night affectionating my girlfriend"

Sarah - "why can't i affectionate you"
by Mangles September 19, 2005
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Used to describe one who is highly-susceptible to receiving another's affection. Flexible people have the greatest likelihood of being affectionable.
I know that I am affectionate, but she is so affectionable that it just pulls me in.
by Mr. Donald Draper November 30, 2015
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it is a noun that is the act or almost the action of being affectionate. since the english language does NOT include such word, i myself decided to create this unique yet simple word with a one of a kind yet eazy to understand definition!
I like a guy who has alot of affectionation.
by Timothy Dork December 21, 2004
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a term used to specify words associated with negative connotations are meant in a positive light. rather than an insult, they are a compliment. the opposite of the term (derogatory).
One man’s trash (derogatory) is another man’s trash (affectionate)
by quirky_girl_69 July 08, 2021
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A type of relationship characterized by long, flirty conversations, "dates", make-out sessions, and/or sexual activity, but completely devoid of commitment or attachment.
E didn't want an intense boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, so we decided to be just affectionate friends
by TheForbiddenFruit October 30, 2006
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