Right before you have sex have the girl lay down on the bed, preferably naked, then u crab walk from the edge of the bed up to her with ur boner in the air like a sharks dorsal fin...sound effects are not necessary but always appreciated
Ben: When have you ever done a shark attack?
Sock: Uh let me think, every time ive had sex ever
by Jmart25 May 27, 2009
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Engaging in sexual intercourse in a body of water (such as a pool) while a woman is on her period.
dateline: los angeles, thousands of pools run red with uterine blood as people all over the city practice the deviant sexual practice known as the "shark attack"
by Kuhrazy November 23, 2005
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eating pussy while the girl is on her period
I think Brad it a cannibal, I just started my period, but he gave me the best shark attack ever!
by Jaron_1 December 4, 2006
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The process by which a menstruating female neglects to flush a used tampon, leaving it to steep in stagnant toilet water, thus creating a violent swirl of blood upon the next flushing. The succeeding flushing is typically performed by a frustrated male counterpart.
After one too many shark attacks, the husband filed for divorce.
by throughcelluloid July 10, 2009
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When you fuck a girl, you punch her kidneys, until she shoots blood out of her ass.
When I did her up the as, I attacked her shark style, and got a cherry lollipop. She screamed like a dying whale, dat waz da shit.
by Ben December 14, 2003
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Man and woman having sex. The woman sits in a folding chair while the man pumps from in front of her. Right before the man finishes he lifts the front of the fold chair up knocking the woman on her back with the folding chair collapsing on her ass like a shark bite!
Man: She thought we were cool but I was still pissed off, so last night I gave her a shark attack and shot it on her chin!
by Killa1031 June 7, 2009
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