A take-the-money-and-run online dating agency who cancel your account whenever they feel like it, refuse to answer your e-mails and never refund your money. On-line frauds.
"Dateline have just terminated my account, despite the fact I've paid for another five months of membership yet, and the snotty fuckers won't even answer my e-mails to tell me what is going on".
"Don't worry. Dateline is for Russian immigrants trying to claim citizenship by marrying someone in this country, stuck-up bitches who think only someone with the looks of a film star is good enough for them, and predatory perverts who are only out for what they can get".
by Stormsworder September 13, 2007
To commit an act and attempt to cover your tracks. Also: to hide something and then deny involvement even when confronted with evidence to the contrary.
Mom: The kids never play outside.
Dad: We'll dateline the Xbox. I'll get a hammer and a trash bag.
Mom: They'll never notice.
by Dressbetter September 24, 2016
Getting caught in the act of seducing a minor, typically a 14 year old girl.
Dude, did you hear Peter totally got Datelined the other night?


Yeah, he's totally going to jail. I guess he had a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a box of condoms and tried banging some 13 year old girl!
by Jake Ellison January 29, 2008
Origin: Slang name for bumhole 'Your Date'

Definition: The line left in your jocks by your date, otherwise known as 'Skidmarks' is your 'Dateline'
"Man, that guys jocks have a bad dateline, I'm glad I'm on this side of it!"
by F.Northy August 18, 2009
a girl who is so young that if you tried to date her, you would be on the next episode of Datelines "To Catch a Predator"
i went to my girl friends house to get laid, but i got busted. turns out she was dateline bait.
by cragman July 21, 2010
Missing and most likely murdered for profit or child custody. Possibly buried in the desert.
by DaddyShark June 6, 2021