New NIN album, which will come out May 3, 2005. The album will include 12 hard songs, rumored to be like "12 punches to the face." Supposedly, there won't be any chords on the album, although that is doubtful, and sadly, this time, there won't be any instrumentals. It's also more lyric-based (less atmospheric) than The Fragile..and more angry, too!
The release of With Teeth will be followed by the best day of my life - seeing Trent live for the first time with the hottest man in the world by my side, and is the limit ;-)
I cannot wait for the release of With Teeth. Trent Reznor will not disappoint us again.
by marla x0 January 23, 2005
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A miserable failure by a formerly talented group or individual
(derived from the Nine Inch Nails album of the same name)
"Have you heard the new Tool album? I heard that its with teeth."
by Nasalrot November 23, 2006
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If something happens or is done in the teeth of difficulties, the difficulties cause problems but do not stop it
The road was built in the teeth of fierce opposition from the public.
by ohawaiio February 02, 2010
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A DogsOnAcid smiley that has a meaning similar to wordjk/word.

Usage Notes:
1. It overrides ANY and ALL smilies when used at the end of a post.

2. It shields it's user from ANY and ALL retaliatory wordflame/words EXCEPT when the wordflame/word in question is itself suffixed with :teeth:

3. It's effect on a post is directly proportional to the number of blank lines preceeding it.

4. Improper usage of :teeth: will result in it's user being demoted to the status of wordn00b:/word for a period of 2 * (no. of :teeth: offences) weeks. The same goes for anyone who is found guilty of flaming a :teeth:'ed post.

5. It has no effect on anything posted by wordn00b/words, because wordn00b/word's are not meant to be taken seriously anyway.

6. Adding or removing :teeth: from a submitted post is considered bad netiquette is generally frowned upon.
i fucked your momma last night. :slayer:

by Busted Teef Kru September 23, 2003
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to shoplift.. steal...
yo u teethed my style... where u get dat candybar? i teethed it from tha store....
by ye November 30, 2004
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A sexual fetish involving two individuals clench their teeth before proceeding to clash them with each other. More deviant variants involve charging at each other to clash teeth, or a third person tying two people on a rail, facing each other head first with their lips taped back, before ramming them into each other.
Dentist:"And how did you break your tooth?"
Patient: "My mate Mike helped Sally and I do some teething last night."
Dentist:" Dude that's fucked up"
by TankLover January 28, 2020
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