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Right before you have sex have the girl lay down on the bed, preferably naked, then u crab walk from the edge of the bed up to her with ur boner in the air like a sharks dorsal fin...sound effects are not necessary but always appreciated
Ben: When have you ever done a shark attack?
Sock: Uh let me think, every time ive had sex ever
by Jmart25 May 26, 2009
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When you jizz on a girl then throw glitter on her so she looks like an arts and crafts project
Kevin: Yo so i was banging this chick last night and i took her to Arts & Crafts.
Bryant: No way! she like it?
Kevin: actually yeah, she even pulled out some googily eyes which kinda creeped me out.
by Jmart25 May 26, 2009
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Two Eiffel Towers being performed simultaneously. One girl lays across the other girl in an X, while the 4 guys tag team them and high five all at once, creating the 4 columns of the Eiffell tower.
Janet: Dave and Harold lets do an Eiffell tower?

Brenda: Brian and John lets do an Eiffell tower as well.

Brian, John, Harold, and Dave, simultaneously: How about Janet and Brenda lay on top of each other, while they do us, and blow us, and then we high five. Its the Ultimate Eiffel Tower!
by Jmart25 October 26, 2010
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When a girl gives you head whilst chewing a piece of gum and said piece of gum gets stuck to your balls and penis, resulting in a very painful removal process.
Steve: yo this girl last night was givin me head and she gumballed me
Jim: oh shit taht sucks bro, did it hurt?
Steve: Yeah especially when all my pubes got pulled out tryin to get the gum out
by Jmart25 May 26, 2009
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